7 most common climbing mistakes

We’ve all been there, done that! Whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner, it happens!

Bring your kite to the snow

‘In the mountains it’s different’ is something that Christoph mentioned a few times throughout our talk. Christoph is the owner of one of the biggest and oldest snowkite schools in Europe.

Climbing Meetup Amsterdam

We did it, we organized our very first Climbing & Boulder Meetup in Amsterdam and here are a few images to make you get ready to join our next Meetup!

The Active Place Boudering Guide for Beginners

No matter the weather indoor bouldering is the perfect activity to stay active all year around. You’ve never done it before? No worries!

SnowWorld Zoetermeer x Mountains

Soon we will be making our way into the mountains again, ready to make some serious snow angels and shine with our non-existent signing skills at the après ski parties.

What is The Active Place!

This is not going to be a sales pitch or one of those love stories in which we tell you that we woke up one day knowing exactly what we wanted to do with our lives and simply realized our dream.

Skydiving is better than sex

Just in time for the beginning of November it is happening again: the temperature drops, the colour of the sky has changed to a sad dark-grey tone and the wind sweeps passed while the last coloured leaves dr

Snow beats water

For a while now kites have left their familiar territories and are exploring the unknown adventures that lie in the snowy mountains.

Cold Water Surfing

It’s the time of the year when the freezing winter months are getting closer and closer. Long summer nights, warm water, shining sun and glassy little waves are history.

Hawaii in the Netherlands

Good news guys, no need to travel for days to get to the Big Island anymore. You can find it all right here in the Netherlands!

What to do this weekend, photo by Tim Gouw

For most of the people working the typical 40h+ week, weekends are made to escape, wander and get adventurous and active.

These awesome friends of ours

Every single day we are exposed to countless images and videos of people doing crazy things.

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